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Payday Loan is Costly Cash?

It is a no brainer that pay day loans are expensive; sometimes they might come off cheap and very accommodating but in the long run when interest rates are calculated over the period of time the loan was lent, then it becomes a very annoying situation. Sometimes the APR rates on each loan can run in outrageous percentage rates like 400%. Many a times when we are in need of urgent cash, we succumb to the wills of these payday loans and later regret our decisions to opt for their financial solutions. Most of us have been forewarned by others who by default have fallen prey to this trickery disguised as payday loans, to stay away even with more sparing beliefs of some kind of underlying subterfuge by loan sharks, banks both microfinance and commercial;


The amount of money that would be received from the outrageous interest rates generates make many believe in the possibility of fraudulent undertones in these financial relief packages called PAYDAY LOANS which are available. Payday loans proffer many solutions in all areas; it is invariably advisable for those with an income but bad credit. These loans are quite economical from the packages presented. Some debut from as little as $500 and above. As effective as this pay day loan seems, it has received well enough criticism and has even been restricted in some countries. It has also been tied to controversy ever since the ban of its practice in over 18 states. The trickery of these loans comes with many surprises; if the loan isn't paid before or on the first payday, a new charge would be included and it becomes a cyclical train. A borrower who came into the system looking for a solution for his or her debts will become indebted to this loaning system owing up more interest than the initial amount borrowed.

These loans are still subjected to various rulings but differs in the jurisdictions of each state of a country; these loans are either renamed, dormant or not in legislation at all. Some governments have out rightly condemned the practice seeing it as deceptive and very likely to harm the customers. Pay day loans are still touchy subjects under some federal and state laws and they come in names like deferred presentment, cash advances, deferred deposit etc.

Payday loans seem to be a bane in some people's lives

It might not come off as a shock to you that the annual percentage rate (APR) of a classic payday loan reaches up to 300% and moves up the ladder with an added 700% making it in total , a very strong 1000%. Although payday loans seem to be a bane in some people's lives, it is still highly revered as costly cash depending on the orientation of the borrower. A borrower who sees a payday loan as a long-term loan is sure to enjoy the good end of the stick while some might not live to tell their own sad stories.
Those who had earned scars from selecting the wrong institutions for a legitimate payday loan ended up with a recurrent mistake which was their lack of financial budgetary acumen. This explains the reasons why the loans are not settled at once or as fast as it has been stipulated or the worst mistake of it all, rolling over the loan two times too many. As intricately expensive as it seems, a payday loan is important at the time of an emergency cash flow problem as compared to other forms of loans

What are the likely charges found under different case?

We included the charges in order of priority. Individuals are different meaning what I consider priority might not be the same as to what another individual thinks about it. The NSF fee at banks: $28 goes up the ladder as the first choice charge followed by the credit UNION NSF fee: $18.91, apartment rental late fee: $30.22, mortgage lender late fee: $28.24, merchant returned check fee: $20, utility late fee: $15.25, utility reconnect fee: $44.7, auto lender late fee: $20.33 APRs calculated annually for just a cover under a two-week term: $100 payday loan with $15 fee= $391% APR; $100 bounced check with $48 NSF/merchant fees = 1,251% APR; $100 credit card balance with $26 late fee = 678% APR; $100 utility bill with $50 late/reconnect fees = 1,304% APR.

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Use of the payday loans in the right way

There is a valuable service accrued to a consumer who makes use of the payday loans in the right way. The job of a payday loan lenders is a risky one that is why when the pay day loans are high priced for the sole purpose of defending the risks taken by the payday loan lenders. Consequently, conventional interest rates would not be profitable at lower dollar amounts for shorter terms.

Cutting deep into research, it is recorded that the operating costs of payday lending is based on a wide range of collected advance fees. Even after subtracting off the fixed operating costs from the oddly increased default losses payday loans don't stand a chance for this point of profit making. Payday loan portfolios can lose an average of more than fifteen percent loss on loan revenue.

Fraudulent checks on payday loans should be heightened by the underwriters for the payday loans. The payday loan even if it faces much criticism, it is still the most welcomed option by borrowers compared to other loans.